Our Fans 

Our team makes it happen each week at Rico.  The famous finger licking good, fresh fried chicken is brought to you by our strong, hard working kitchen crew! Thank you!!  

Famous Chicken

At Rico Dragstrip, we love our fans!  Each week we strive to provide as much entertainment possible for  you and your family !  Racing here would not be made possible if it wasn't for our RACERS and fans, Thank You ALL!!!  


Meet our Crew 


Sunday August 2,       BIG TIRE SHOOTOUT 

Sunday August 9.        Bracket, TNT , Grudge 

Sunday August 18.      Bracket Extravaganza

                                    $3000 dollar Payout , 15 car min

                                    $125 dollar entry , $50 buybacks        

Sunday August 23.  Bracket Points, TNT, Grudge 


Sunday JULY 5,  4th of July INDEPENDENTS Day WARZ !!!                                                 GRUDGE, GRUDGE ,GRUDGE                                 

Sunday July 12.  Bracket, TNT, Grudge 

Sunday July 19,  ALL FORD POWER...  ALL FORD, Fox body,                              Coyote               

Sunday July 26, Bracket  TNT, Grudge 


Sunday September 6.  THE 10th ANNUAL KING OF RICO!!!!    

Sunday September 8.  Bracket, TNT, Grudge 

Sunday September 13. Bracket,TNT, Grudge                

Sunday September 22.  Bracket, TNT, Grudge 
Sunday September 29.  Bracket, TNT, Grudge 


Sunday October 6.  THE 3rd ANNUAL SMALL TIRE KING!     

Sunday October 13.  Bracket TNT Grudge 

Sunday October 20.  TNT Grudge             

Sunday October 27   TNT, Grudge